The introduction of CAD (Computer Aided Design) has allowed professionals to dramatically increase the accuracy and detail of their drawings and makes carrying out minor alterations a simpler process. By creating our drawings electronically we are able to share our digital drawing files with other designers and consultants that are working on the same project, allowing the whole team to be on ‘the same page’ therefore providing a more streamlined and cost effective service.

We are capable of importing and exporting a wide variety of file types but routinely work with PDF and DWG. When issuing drawings to Clients it is SRA Architecture Ltd.’s Policy to provide this in a PDF format. The PDF file format is utilised as it widely openable by all personnel and can not be adapted so our drawings are relayed to you exactly as we intended them to be viewed. Unless previously specified, agreed and quoted for, our drawings will not be sent to Clients in any CAD format. Any drawing(s) sent in a CAD format to a Client are subject to our terms and conditions*.

Why don’t we issue our CAD data?

As noted by the Architects Registration Board (ARB) there is no obligation for CAD data to be provided. Although it may look like we are being unhelpful in denying copies of our CAD data, it can unfortunately lead to our drawings being adapted or utilised in a way that they were not intended. During the development stage there may be notes, copies or items drawn in the CAD file that are never intended to be put on a finished drawings. Wrong information can therefore be obtained from these CAD files or new information imposed. Allowing access to our CAD files, unless previously negotiated and agreed, is a breach of our professional insurance.

Although every effort is made to ensure our drawings are as accurate as possible and reflect the existing or proposed structures, this can never be guaranteed. With CAD being able to measure to 0.1 mm, Clients or 3rd parties may utilise the CAD files to obtain dimensions in order to produce items for installation (windows, doors, furniture etc.) and the liability, unless otherwise delegated, is left with the Principal Designer.

Due to the legal implications and impact to our professional insurance, unless otherwise agreed, all our information will be distributed in a PDF format. When working with other consultants or designers, at our discretion, we will transfer copies of our CAD data to speed up the design process.

*CAD Data that has been previously agreed in writing to be delivered to the Client is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • SRA Architecture Ltd will retain all common law, statutory, and other rights, without limitation including copyright.
  • The Client agrees that the CAD files are NOT certified documents and may not accurately reflect the latest drawings.
  • SRA Architecture Ltd makes no representations, warranty or guarantees with the compatibility of our CAD files with any external software.
  • The Client shall not use the CAD files for any purpose other than project for which the release has been agreed in writing. This information is not transferrable, unless agreed in writing by SRA Architecture Ltd.
  • The Client agrees that the receipt of CAD files does not constitute a sale or transfer ownership by SRA Architecture Ltd who shall indefinitely retain all ownership of the CAD files. SRA Architecture Ltd demand the right to the immediate return of all CAD files.
  • SRA Architecture Ltd make no guarantees about the accuracy, completeness or fitness for use of any CAD files.
  • SRA Architecture Ltd shall not for any reason be liable for direct or indirect consultation damage caused by the Client’s use or reuse of the CAD files.
  • SRA Architecture Ltd reserve the right to remove all indicia from CAD files along with their involvement.
  • The Client agrees that SRA Architecture Ltd has made no representations or warranties other than those stated in our terms and conditions.
  • The Client agrees that the CAD files shall not be considered as Contract Documents or used in any such manner.
  • The Client agrees to defend and indemnify SRA Architecture Ltd against all damages, liability, and costs, including legal fees and litigation expenses from (1) changes made to CAD files by anyone other than SRA Architecture Ltd or (2) the transfer or reuse of CAD files by anyone without the prior written consent of SRA Architecture Ltd.
  • SRA Architecture Ltd reserve the right to recover all reasonable expenses and fees incurred through the release of our CAD data to anyone other than the intended recipient without our prior written consent.