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Planning Applications

Once the feasibility scheme has been agreed with our Client, we develop our design and prepare drawings having the required information and detail required for a Planning Application.

Where it is a requirement of the application process in respect of particular works, we will also prepare a Design and Access Statement to explain the concept and need for the specific development. In more complex or unique developments it may be prudent to request Pre-application advice from the Local Authority Planning Officer prior to developing the scheme. Following this consultation our design may incorporate suggestions made by the Officer to increase the chance of a positive result.

Once our planning drawings and any supporting documentation have been completed, we will issue copies to our Client for their approval before proceeding further. We complete the Planning Application Form online using the Planning Portal website and upload digital versions of our drawings and all supporting documents as part of the submission. Upon payment of the prescribed and administration fees by the Client, the application and all supporting documents are submitted to the relevant Local Authority for them to process.

From receipt of information, it typically takes a couple of weeks for the respective Local Authority to validate an application. Statutory Determination Periods are 8 weeks for Minor Application and 13 Weeks for Major ones. We use the Councils Planning websites, as well as direct communication with the appointed Planning Case Officers, to monitor the progress of each application throughout its determination period. We keep our Clients fully updated on the status of their application throughout; liaising with them to co-ordinate and issue any additional information that may be requested by the Planning Case Officer to support the application.

Planning Permissions are always subject to Conditions and the number, complexity, and cost of satisfying these can vary significantly between approvals as they are imposed to tackle specific issues. Some Conditions relate to time constraints, ensuring compliance with the approved drawings, occupancy, usage, or operation and can only be satisfied on or following completion of the works. Pre-Commencement Conditions on the other hand must be formerly discharged, as their name suggests, prior to the commencement of any construction work.

Where Pre-Commencement Conditions are imposed, we are able to assist with the selection, and appointment of a suitable specialist Consultant, co-ordinating their works and submitting the required information as part of an “Application for approval of details reserved by a condition following grant of planning permission or a listed building consent” direct to the Local Planning Authority for their consideration.

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What our clients say...

I found SRA Architecture online as I was looking at purchasing a property and needed input from an Architectural Practice who knows the area. I came across these guys and I was very impressed with the amount of knowledge they had. Neill is very much approachable and goes out of his way to find out all the information, and this in turn gave me the confidence of whether to make the purchase or not – I highly recommend them.

Antony, Residential Client

It is wonderful to see such an excellent facility completed and for it to be able to offer education and childcare to our community.

Richard Wells, Parish Council Chairman

Neill at SRA Architecture has been amazingly professional and supportive throughout, advising on different packages to help budget effectively and offering a service that helps take away a lot of the stress and workload when doing a large renovation project.

Ben, Residential Client

SRA have designed new houses and building alterations on a number of projects we have tendered for and worked on over the past 20 years or so. Their plans and specifications are consistently clear and thorough and the architectural work in the construction phase has been excellent. I have found them to be one of the leading practices we have worked with throughout this time.

Residential Client

SRA Architecture worked for us on two different occasions & projects, a small one and a bigger scale project. They were advising, helpful, great at planning, very knowledgeable and always kept us updated. I would definitely recommend!

Jenny, Residential Client

Niell provided me one of the most professional services I have received. The quality of service was outstanding, Niell answered the phone every time and answered any questions I had the same day whether by email or phone. The plot I was looking at was also of a beautiful design. I would confidently recommend anyone to use SRA Architecture.

Carl, Residential Client